How Do I Know if My personal girl is Just Flirting enjoyment?

Reader matter:

How would I’m sure if my personal girl is simply “fun flirting” or if perhaps she does not love me anymore?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Specialist’s Answer:

Hello Colin,

What a fascinating concern. When we had been having a two way conversation, i’d want to know for much more information. But because this is actually me personally practically composing you a letter, i’ll have to use my imagination and cognoscente creativity. I’m assuming both you and this girl are exclusive. (In case you aren’t exclusive, then you definitely don’t get to take into account the degree of flirting she’s performing.) okay, therefore if we have now founded that couple are special as well as your girlfriend is hugging, keeping arms with, whispering to and giggling at every little thing the 10 best guy buddies state, next “Houston, we have an issue.”

The meaning of flirting is always to “behave as if attracted to or trying to bring in someone, married but looking women for enjoyment rather than with really serious objectives.” Even when your own girlfriend doesn’t plan on in fact making down with or asleep with among the dudes she flirts with, it’s still upsetting to you personally – whatever the degree of flirting really. Odds are, she does not even realize she actually is doing it. So sit the lady straight down and tell the girl about how exactly it makes you feel. If she listens and stops flirting with other guys, after that she cares for you. If she continues her enjoyable flirty steps, this may be’s possible she’s perhaps not prepared settle-down.

Thank you for reaching out,


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